The Salem Witch Trials, Hysteria and Religion Essay examples

The Salem Witch Trials, Hysteria and Religion Essay examples

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Salem Massachusetts became the center of a horrible tragedy, which changed the life of many people. It was a hard time, because of the bad crops and diseases. The people in Salem had to blame someone or something. This people accused innocent people by calling them witches. They were accused by having contact with the devil, hurting people, to pinch people on their bodies and more. These actions were result of hysteria. Maybe those extraneous symptoms were result of an illness or bacteria. On the Bible says “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” This mean that any type of witch or curse will not live, so I think that quote or versus in the Bible want to explain that we need to fight against the devil, those people who are practicing witchcraft need to be light, to be with God. Those people were confused because is not necessary to kill innocent people and the Bible says that if someone kills is a sin.
At that time, Salem was a small town or village; it was a farming community that was only 550 of population. Their goal was that they want to be a model society on the hills. Not all of them were puritans because there were people that want a better life and want to live in a society out of England; their life in England were difficult. There were two groups in the village: those who were separatists and others that were puritans (those who believe in predetermination and follow the rules). Samuel Parris was a reverend that was the minister of the group of the separatist. He helped divide these two groups. The reverend Parris and his wife had 2 children living with them, who were Betty and Abigail. These two girls were the motive that the trials started. These girls screamed, rolled their eyes back into their heads, shook, twist...

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... were farmer and they plant their own food.
In conclusion, the Salem Witch Trials were result of hysteria. One of the strongest evidence that explains this extraneous things that occurred were the Ergot Poisoning. It was cleared that those persons were cultivating breads or vegetable. They had to blame someone or something for those things that were happening. Those trials were caused by the incomprehensible and exaggeration of what the Bible says. They didn’t realize that kill is a sin and if they want to be the model society they have to show to the whole world. They were killers, they didn’t think about the innocent people that were killed. I think that God wants to communicates is that in this world there is evil and the devil exist and we need to fight against them, try to save those people that are down the devils hand. We need to be light in this world.

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