Salem Witch Trials : Facts And Summary Essay

Salem Witch Trials : Facts And Summary Essay

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Salem Witch Trials
One infamous part of American history, was the Salem witch trials of the year 1692. This led to the results of the execution of a group of young girls in Salem, Massachusetts (“The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692”). During this time fourteen women and a total of five men ended up being accused of being involve with witchcraft and possessed by the devil (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”). Not only did the fourteen women and five men put to death, but one eight other people die in prison waiting got trial (“The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692”). In the amount of men and women being accused, one child and one baby were in prison as well waiting to be proven they were witches (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”). This was the amount of people who die waiting for trial, on the other hand people who survive, but were put in prison was about one hundred people just being accused and put into prison (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”). Since there were many people who survive being accused of witchcraft and being possessed by the devil, there was many notes and records about the process of the trials. All the records left behind led to many scholars to want to research why witches and being possessed by the devil was such a big deal during that time (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”).
People believing in the supernatural and being afraid of any contact with the devil started long before the Salem witch trials (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”). It was believed that by giving practice to any supernatural practice a human (Witch) would be able to gain power and be able to cause harm to anyone they choose to harm, they price was the being loyal to the devil its self (“The Salem Witchcraft Trial...

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...(“Salem Witch Museum”). This made it hard for the jury to know who they could trust and who they could not, since there was no way of finding out. George Burroughs was one of the few men accused of witchcraft (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”). George Burroughs was being accused by six different people being seen performing a superhuman feast of strength. One of the people accusing George Burroughs said that he could read other people’s minds (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”). There were new ways of testing people and seeing if they were really witches one way was the inability to pray correctly, since the devil would not allow it. The second test was checking the person being accused for any small marking on their body, since it was believed that a witch would have a small hole where the devil would feed from (“Salem Witch Trials - Facts & Summary”).

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