The Salem Witch Trials : Everlasting Accusations Towards Women During The 1950s

The Salem Witch Trials : Everlasting Accusations Towards Women During The 1950s

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The Salem Witch Trials:
Everlasting accusations towards women during the 1960s

Throughout history, many attempts of accusations were settled in place against women. There were some cases where men were involved, however, women were the main targets behind the witch craze. When the topic, witches, is brought up in a conversation or writing a paper many, but not all, people think of the witch craze as an act by women to gain higher authority above men. Which could lead to things like, riding a broom stick, afflicting pain onto others, making potions, or sending animals out to kill. Therefore, women were more likely to be accused. Many factors influenced why women were accused during the witch craze. Fear, health issues, and the role of gender were mainly why women were captured and executed at the time of the Salem witch trials.
The witch craze in Salem all started from two girls, Abigail Williams who was eleven and Betty Parris who was nine. The first incident that was noted took place when they began to act strangely. Which of course was terrifying because “illness all too often proved deadly.” However, this incident was nothing that had ever been seen before. The two girls “blamed Tituba for their pain, which had intensified since the woman had made the witch-cake charm.” The way that the “children were bitten and pinched by invisible agents” or “pins invisibly stuck into their flesh” had everyone worried, so worried the parents of Betty “strongly suspected” that they were bewitched. This occurrence brought Reverend Parris to discover such things as diabolical witchcraft, which leads to the accusation.

Many women were accused of witchcraft, however, there’s roughly a few that stood out the most. For instance, Sarah Go...

... middle of paper ... it can grow fungus and overall, contain “ergot poisoning” if it gets to a certain extent. Therefore, can explain all of the unexplainable forces or weird characteristics people were showing. Mental health issues played a big role in women getting accused and executed. If things could have been discovered innocent lives could have been saved.
Overall, Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, and many more women were “condemned to die.” During the witch trials many people would give anything to see the afflicters end the suffering they brought to the town of Salem. Women were mainly accused and executed rather than men. Men did not take on the roles of suspicion. If they were executed it was mainly because they were involved with a women that was accused. However, fear, gender, religion, occupation, and health issues influenced the Salem witch trials one way or another.


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