Essay on The Salem Witch Trials Description

Essay on The Salem Witch Trials Description

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Since ancient times, the world has been plagued by the belief that witches roam freely. Witch trials have long been an iniquitous way to get rid of the presumably evil men and women who lurk throughout the deepest parts of the earth. From the beginning of time, an estimated 50 to 200 thousand people have been killed because of witch trials ; however, the most famous witch trial that ever took place was the Salem Witch Trials that occurred during 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem Massachusetts was settled by English Puritans in 1630; it was inhibited by close to six hundred residents, who lived in two unmistakably different societies: Salem town, and Salem Village. By early 1690, feuds had erupted between the citizens of Salem Town, and Salem Village; The inhabitants of Salem Village believed that “The Bible was the final law in all things, even matters of civil government.” The citizens were scrutinized by their neighbors for any wrongdoings and were subsequently reported to the church, but the occupants of Salem town believed that family and wealth was important above all else. Hence, the rulers of Salem town granted freedom to the members of Salem Village. In 1689, Samuel Parris came into power as the new minister of Salem Village; his reign in Salem was strict, and as a result, Salem soon was overcome with religious conflict, which in turn began to affect the way that children and adults lived their everyday lives. The Salem Witch Trials where in fact a ploy for the accusers to get attention, and all of the Witches in the Salem Witch Trials where falsely accused.
The original afflicted girls of Salem , where well aware of the strict puritan beliefs that ruled there town, and forbade any person from sinning. ) In the ...

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