Saipan Working Conditions in China Essay

Saipan Working Conditions in China Essay

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Many people in China have thought that their lives were too poor, and their working conditions aren’t as good. They needed to raise their family and especially their kids. Their kids need to go to school, and their parents do not want them to waste their chance of a good future. Especially the one that has been working in poor conditions. Their mother.

In this essay I would like to examine the working conditions in Saipan. I would like to talk about their lives. My main topic to this essay is “In what ways are the working conditions in Saipan not ideal” I would also decide on which side I will be on. Whether it is the Side of a Humanitarian or an Economist. I will also talk about why people would want to suffer these conditions and work on.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the lives of the people who decided to go and work in Saipan. They are all mainly poor people. Their jobs back at China makes them think that their conditions are really bad. People there, always think that America is the place where the best people are. They think that whoever went there, would get a bett...

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