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Safety, Security, And Security Needs Essays

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Physiological Needs:
The bottom and the important one is the physiological needs. It is something that is necessary to sustain life like food water, oxygen; those are the things that are needed to survive or can’t live without it. For example, if someone is hungry, all he/she need at that moment is to get the food they can’t think about any other things they should do. These needs intend them to change the behavior. After accomplishing of this need it moves on to next step that is safety and security needs.
Safety and Security Needs:
Safety and security needs include the work safety, job security, and health insurance. For example, if the employee found out that their company is beginning to downside then according to the Maslow’s theories employee will be concerned with the financial security, job security and it results to change the behavior of their employee. Job security and secure compensation such as salary is the important factor that could satisfy the employee to motivate. After achieving these needs it takes to next level that is social needs of an employee.

Social needs:
Social needs deals with the teams, clients, coworkers; it is a feeling to be with someone or to communicate in a particular group or coworkers. To fulfill this needs manager have to maintain the great cooperation or team to work in an organization.

The next level is Esteem which means the self-respect or desire to be known and valued by others. In an organizations if an employee does well then offering him promotions and additional responsibilities could fulfil the needs to motivate.

This is the last level of needs and a real motive. We all have different potential to do diff...

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To find the maximum potential of our employee and to make them realize one’s maximum possibilities we are planning to motivate our staff member by following the slogan like learn from the mistakes, failure is the first step to being success. Staffs are categorized in a different working area according to their interest in working area.

Needs Theory:
Maslow’s Hierarchy:
One of the most famous needs theories is Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. Maslow’s hierarchy of need is categorized on different key levels, the bottom one is the important factor to reach the top one to reach the highest level of motivation.
Motivational theories are those steps taken by the job manager to motivate their employee or to make them do what they wanted to do in the workplace. Different theories of motivation are applied:

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