The Safety Regulations Within Adolescent Sport Participation Essay

The Safety Regulations Within Adolescent Sport Participation Essay

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Sports are an iconic staple in the American household whether it is direct a participation in them or support of them through a multi-media spectrum. But alongside the extensive benefits athletics have to offer, the negatives linked to the game factor into children’s lives as well. According to Caroline Faure, an assistant professor to the Department of Sport Science and Physical Education at Idaho State University, “By the time their [athletes] high school playing career is complete, more than 60 percent of all teenage athletes will experience some sort of concussive injury” (Faure). A TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury has serious effects on the player’s current and future health. Therefore, the safety regulations within adolescent sport participation should be altered to reduce the injuries inflicted. “Sports activities account for an estimated 300,000 TBIs per year” (Harvey). This number not only disturbs the individual 's health, but the value of sports decreases as well.
The value of sports in today’s society is, “Winning at all costs” according to Dr. Andy Rudd, an assistant professor of Sport Management at Belmont Abbey College. This attitude enhances determination, but the development of a player’s moral values may be discarded. If it is brought to attention that “all costs” may be a life threatening brain injury with widespread effects, a shift in focal points would occur. In a study referenced by Rudd, “Of the 38 coaches who responded, twenty-three primarily defined character in terms of work ethic, perseverance, teamwork and commitment.” (qtd. in Rudd). Rudd discussed how moral values are actually the preferred traits for a teammate to acquire early on, but the traits stated above once again are not moral but rather ...

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... there is a game to be involved in some way at almost any given moment. Dedicated fans ignore past the ethics of the game and success directly to the value of winning. With the integration of updated sport safety regulations, the verified stature of sports would be adjusted to focus on the essential morals coinciding with the game. Relating back to the substantial amount of injuries also linked to adolescent sports, rigorous precautions to lessen the risk would continue to prove beneficial. Lastly, the atmosphere of the game would still have the same competition sport fanatics feed off of, but the alteration would incredibly benefit the health of the student athlete 's future physical and mental health. If the overall concern is genuinely adolescent safety, no decree of safety should be labeled wrong when concerning such severe an issue as traumatic brain injuries.

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