Essay about Safety Programs in Operating Rooms

Essay about Safety Programs in Operating Rooms

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Safety Program – Simulations and Mock Scenarios in Operating Rooms
Various forms of health care technology are being utilized today to enhance the skills of health care professionals, as well as improve quality outcomes. Considering the complex and high-risk nature of the operative setting, integrating simulations or mock scenarios has become a growing trend in fostering high-reliability interdisciplinary teamwork. The following paper focuses on the development and implementation of a simulation-based safety program within the operative setting of a health care facility in an effort to reduce adverse or never events. Although the safety risks related to implementing simulation and mock scenarios within the operative setting are identified, evidence is provided that suggests simulation of mock scenarios and tracking of long-term outcomes promotes the delivery of safe, quality care thereby reducing overall risks within the operative setting. Steps for creating the safety program are discussed.
Area of Interest and Safety Risks
The frequency, incidence and nature of adverse events within the operative setting appear to be increasing in recent years. According to Neily et al. (2009), approximately “five to ten incorrect surgical procedures occur every day in the United States” (p. 1028). While this figure may not seem considerable by some working within the health care field, one should ask themselves ‘What is an appropriate number for the occurrence of adverse events within an operative setting?’ and ‘How would you respond to a family member or friend who was involved in such an event?’
Not only have concerns been posed related to the occurrence of incorrect surgical procedures (e.g., wrong procedure, wrong site surgery and/or wro...

... middle of paper ...

...each interdisciplinary team member, as well as the health care facility’s ongoing prevalence of adverse or never events. The computer-based Likert response assessment tool would be designed to evaluate the interdisciplinary team’s perception of effectiveness for the simulation-based scenarios and debriefing sessions, while the facility’s quarterly figures related to adverse or never events would be compared to national figures (benchmarking).

Developing and implementing simulation-based scenarios is a growing trend within the health care field. Current evidence suggests use of this technology may help promote clinical and behavioral skills vital in standardizing point of care through an interdisciplinary approach. Ultimately, efforts toward implementing a simulation-based safety program may lend to improved quality outcomes within the operative setting.

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