The Safety Of Vaccines And Autism Essay

The Safety Of Vaccines And Autism Essay

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There has long been a division over this very controversial subject when it comes to the discussion of vaccines. In August of 2014, Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the CDC, worked with other CDC scientists and top officials to hide data that established that black males are 340% more likely to be given an autism diagnosis when injected with MMR before the age of three. Dr. Thompson is a Ph.D. who worked for the CDC for over ten years. He is the author of a multitude of studies on the relationships between MMR vaccines and autism—now he is stating that the data was manipulated and hidden. NaturalNews received a letter from William Thompson to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, dated February 2nd, 2004.

This letter’s date is of some importance because a critical Institute of Medicine (IoM) meeting regarding the safety of vaccines was to take place just one week later on February 9th.

In the letter, Dr. William Thompson stated: “Presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study, I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.”

This letter proves that even back in 2004, the CDC knew that vaccines were one of the causes of autism. One thing that needs to be discussed is infant immunization. “Just before President Bush signed the homeland security bill into law, an unknown member of Congress inserted a provision into the legislation that blocks lawsuits against the maker of a controversial [mercury-based] vaccine preservative called ‘thimerosal,’ used in vaccines that are given to children.”-- CBS, 12/12/02

The United States has the highest rates of child immunizations in the world. A study ...

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...u must follow the regulations outlined in your state’s vaccine law. In 2014, all 50 states allowed a medical vaccine exemption; 48 states allowed a religious vaccine exemption and 17 states allowed a philosophical, conscientious or personal belief exemption.”

Women who are pregnant shouldn’t be getting any vaccines, even the flu vaccine that contains the deadly chemical thimerosal. I would like to make one thing very clear. I myself don’t believe that GMO foods or even vaccines are the sole cause of the rates of autistic children that we are experiencing. I do, however, believe that all of them have a part to play in the rising rates of this pandemic, and until people force the makers of food and vaccines to change, we won’t see a decline in the numbers of autistics children. All experts are in agreement that at this rate, we’ll see an increase of about 3% per year.

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