The Safety Of The Car Navigation Essay

The Safety Of The Car Navigation Essay

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In recent years I have attended many auto shows and have noticed a current trend in present day automobiles. The majority of present day automobiles come equipped with either standard or as an option with a complex navigation system, also known as an infotainment system because it is loaded with so much technology, almost as much as a Smartphone or home computer. These systems do so more than just navigation.
The question of safety has come to mind when thinking about how this system is used. Although I have never had the opportunity to use one of these systems while driving myself, I have found them to be a little difficult to navigate through just while sitting in a car not in motion. My objective of this paper is to provide some history on these systems, discuss some of the information I have gathered on the safety of these devices and where the future is headed for the infotainment system.
The in car navigation is a relatively new technology. In 2000 when President Bill Clinton signed a bill that would prevent the military from scrambling satellite signals, GPS technology became available to the public. This allowed manufacturers to create software such as MapQuest with turn by turn directions that were printed out and followed, much similar to an ordinary map. After a while it became apparent that this method was not the most accurate and often worse than just relying on the large fold out maps we would use back in the day. The GPS device was made available publicly because improved technology and convenience was needed. It became readily available as a separate portable unit first, and then car manufacturers started installing them in vehicles and they were very costly. The in dash units offered a more reliable technology, ...

... middle of paper ... find a study that linked any accidents solely to the infotainment systems in vehicles. The study found that five seconds is the average time you are distracted and when traveling at fifty five miles an hour, that’s like driving the length of a football field blindfolded. Our lives are inundated with technology almost twenty four hours a day, no matter what task we are doing. While in our vehicles there should be a limit to the amount of technology we have access to. Navigating through foreign places with the assistance of the GPS may be safer than driving around without a clue and using the system to make and receive calls via voice recognition may keep our eyes on the road, but there is no need to have access to our Facebook and Twitter accounts and reading texts while driving. The industry and government may need to consider just how much technology is too much.

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