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The Safety Of A Community Essay

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The safety of a community has always been important to Texas citizens. Whether it comes to administering punishment, enacting legislation tough on crime, or creating community watch groups – Texans have a vested interest in keeping their neighborhoods safe from crime. As a result, ex-offenders who have served their sentences continue to have their activities scrutinized by weary citizens. You 'll seldom find former these individuals being welcomed openly into any neighborhood. This apprehension leads to communities outcasting former criminals and includes advocating for legislation to make it tough for these people to obtain housing, for example. This essay won 't discuss the societal effects of such behavior. Instead, we 'll focus on legislation relating to the housing of persons with criminal records. The two bills we 'll look at are H.B 476 and H.B 1510 which were introduced earlier this year. I 'll explain what these bills are meant to do, and whether or not I would vote in favor of them.
Introduced by Texas Representative Harold Dutton Jr., House Bill 476 states that it relates “to the consequences of successfully completing a period of deferred adjudication community supervision.” (Dutton) A fiscal note provided by the Texas Legislature 's online website provides a less vague description “The bill would amend the Code of Criminal Procedure to prohibit the denial of housing, employment, or a professional license to a qualified individual based on completion of deferred adjudication community supervision by a defendant.” (Parks) This would protect defendants from being denied housing, employment, or a professional license provided that they pleaded guilty to deferred adjudication. A hearing held on March 26 by the Texas Hou...

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...eferred adjudication. While I understand the sentiment that went into drafting this bill, I think the cause is much better served by H.B 1510 which I would vote for if I were a legislator. I think it 's a good piece of legislation because it makes it easier for landlords to rent to individuals with criminal records. Furthermore, the legislation does not extend to individuals who have reportable convictions of the “3G” variety, which I think is a good thing. From my perspective, landlords should have a say in who is able to rent in their property (at least when it comes to individuals with criminal records). At the same time, I also believe in second-chances which involve fair access to housing. The key is to provide fairness without abridging rights or privileges held by landlords. House Bill 1510 's limited protection against liability does a good job of doing this.

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