Safety Leadership Is Different From Safety Management Essay

Safety Leadership Is Different From Safety Management Essay

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Safety leadership is different from safety management. Leadership has the greatest impact to improve safety in a company[1], inject safety in employees’ blood, communicate with them and exert her/his influence on followers, set direction by defining their mission and vision, and align people toward organization safety. In other words, if management is about doing the right way, leadership is about doing the right things, however, everyone from top managers to supervisors, frontiers, and contractor-workers are responsible for safety.
As safety became a concerned of many organization in this century many significant studies have been surveyed the role of leadership and management systems on safety either on personnel safety and system safety[2]. Personnel safety leadership study the relation of leader and employee communication, leaders’ influence on employees and as a result making a united “team”, which everyone is responsible to safety. Safety in work “team” involve the organization behavior, personnel behaviors and their interaction which attributed to safety performance[3-5].System safety refers to processes and procedure that an organization is being concerned regarding to safety.
Safety management systems (SMS) has been designed to make systematic ways to mitigate the involved risks and hazards to a reasonable level, and therefore different types of Process Safety Performance Indicator (PSPI) have introduced to ensure safety performance is monitoring continually in order to approach to “best-in-class” energy-organization in safety matters.


“strong leadership is a cornerstone of best-in-class safety management”[6], where leader and managers’ behavior (attitude) and their commitment to bring and maintain safety ...

... middle of paper ...

...that activities take place in controlled, and therefore safe, manner”[14] Therefore, specific measurements have to be taken to evaluate safety in an organization.

2. Management System

Developing safety systems in order to have a sustainable safety performance and consist improvement is an obligation hence for an energy system some components have to be consider: regulations, type of resources, resource characters and how they are related to safety issues. time frame for production(exploration), the output energy shape and hazards involved, area that these resources located at, distribution systems and hazards, tools, procedures, clear task schedule i.e. what, where, how, by whom tasks must get done. Monitoring all results, clarifying what method should have hired, by who, when. Evaluating the results and reporting. Consist improving plan and documenting outputs.

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