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The goal of a nurse is to promote holistic health and well-being for their clients as well as educate and carry out preventive measures to protect clients from illness and injury. Safety is an issue that can protect both nurses themselves as well as their clients and surrounding community. Ergonomics of nurses and performing in a manner of proper technique protects the nurse directly and the client indirectly. Training for terrorism also affects both nurse and client. Researchers and organizations spend large amounts of time and money to determine the most effective methods and technology to ensure safety and continue the vision of improved nursing care.
Preventing Back Injuries
When discussing professions with an increased risk for physical injuries is mentioned, a variety of specific jobs come to mind. However, the risk exposure in the nursing profession is frequently overlooked. A high percentage of nursing injuries are in relation to the musculoskeletal muscles of the back. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (2008), twelve percent of registered nurses have left the field in relation to back injuries and 10,983 lost work time in 2000 due to lifting patients (para. 2). In her article, Anne Hoskins broke down nursing injuries by type of injury and also by cause of injury. Over a ten year study, 54 percent of injuries were considered a musculoskeletal disorder (para. 8) and then 53 percent of all injuries were caused by overexertion (para. 9), most of which were due to lifting patients. By these few facts alone, it is evident that by implementing proper preventive measures in nursing duties (i.e. patient lifting), work related injuries would decline by half.
The effects of back injur...

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