Essay about Safety, Health, and Security in the Work Place

Essay about Safety, Health, and Security in the Work Place

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A general debate of each of these ideas of employee health, safety and security are the affiliations of safety, health, and security are closely related. Normally, safety communicates to defending the physical safety of individuals. The most important purpose of active safety programs in establishments is to prevent work-related injuries and accidents. The extensive term is health, which discusses a common state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being of persons in health managing practices. The purpose of security is defending workers, patients, or occupants, customers, guests, and physical facilities. By means of the progression of work violence, security at work has become an even larger concern for healthcare employers and workers similarly. (Flynn, Mathis, Jackson, Langan, 2007).

A discussion of who is affected by each of these concepts and the impact of failure to provide a healthy, safe and secure work environment. A complete secure healthy workplace is accomplished by operating managers and HR staff members working together. The primary safety, health, and secur...

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