The Safety Council : Driving Down The Interstate Of A Long Weekend Together

The Safety Council : Driving Down The Interstate Of A Long Weekend Together

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My husband and I were driving down the interstate in anticipation of a long weekend together. I randomly glanced into the car to my right and I was shocked at what I saw; a woman putting on mascara, on the interstate, nonetheless. I then decided to observe the other drivers to see their different activities. Here is what I witnessed: talking and texting on the phone, eating, turning to check on something in the back seat, and disciplining their children. I came to the conclusion that the roads are filled with distracted drivers, not all but too many.
What is distracted driving? Ferdinand and Menachemi (2014) define distracted driving in this way, people who drive and at the same time participate in other activities that are not associated with driving; which distract them from their duty of driving (para 1). In the following, The National Safety Council (2012), shared this story:
In January 2004, at 4:00 p.m., in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a 20-year-old woman ran a red light while talking on a cell phone. The driver’s vehicle slammed into another vehicle crossing with the green light directly in front of her. The vehicle she hit was not the first car through the intersection, it was the third or fourth. The police investigation determined the driver never touched her brakes and was traveling 48 mph when she hit the other vehicle. The crash cost the life of a 12-year-old boy. Witnesses told the investigators that the driver was not looking down, not dialing the phone, or texting. She was observed looking straight out the windshield talking on her cell phone as she sped past four other cars and a school bus stopped in the other south bound lane of traffic (Para 1).
We must increase the understanding and da...

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...sed me of driving distracted; he claims that I am the ultimate multitasker trying to do too many things while I drive. In my research on this topic, I have come to the same conclusion. If I were to cause an accident due to my inattentive driving and injure someone or possibly take a life; I would not be able to live with myself. With the rise of people driving while being distracted and the use of PEDs while driving, we must take action. We must do something to stop distracted driving. We need to inform those in our communities of the dangers of distracted driving and encourage our Congressmen to put into force those laws that will discourage drivers from driving distracted. The Department of Transportation (Professional Safety, 2012, p. 14) has put forth the effort to reach out to millions using this message, “One Text or Call Could Wreck It All” (para 3). I agree!

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