Safety and the Concept Car Essay

Safety and the Concept Car Essay

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Safety and the Concept Car

An area of significant importance in the world of concept design, is the improvement and understanding of how vehicles can be made safe and harmless to the environment we live in. In recent years the worlds population has become aware of the devastating effects our lifestyles are having on our planets resources, and naturally our transportation has been held responsible for some of these problems. This topic has therefore become one of great interest to the creators of new concept cars, giving designers the opportunity to materialise ideas which really could change the world. The first of these concepts however, which dealt with the issues of safety, was not concerned with the environments’ well-being, but the well-beings of the drivers themselves.
In 1957 a priest named Father Alfred A. Juliano embarked on creating something which was most unexpected for a man of the cloth. Having always had a passion for art and automotive design, and having won a scholarship from General Motors to study with Harley Earl (who later became the man known as the inventor of the iconic car tail fin), Juliano decided to focus his creative skills on changing road safety. After designing the car for two years, building it for three, and spending $30,000 partly funded by his congregation, the car was complete. He had constructed the ‘Aurora’, which has become famous for being the first experimental safety vehicle ever made. This was regrettably not the only reason the Aurora became memorable.
It is clear to see (fig.13) why this car is often stated as the ugliest car ever produced, but aside from its strange and slightly unattractive appearance, the Aurora developed features which were greatly undervalued.

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...its movement technology. The adventure is under the hood.
As seen in fig.15, the method of movement in the ECC is what has caused it to be an incredible concept. The designers can express themselves by really making a difference to the way we transport ourselves, without altering what we’re accustomed to. In an ideal world, changing to a new technology which does not harm the earth would be achieved over night, but realistically this cannot be done. The ECC is a solution to this problem, which eases the consumer into a new way of thinking.
The ideas for concept cars produced now, are intelligent as a pose to whimsical. They can effect the way people view the world and the ways technology can be brought forward. This enables our future to be one which allows the continuation of our species, and quite possibly the materialisation of the utopian dream.

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