The Safe Neighborhoods And Schools Act Essay

The Safe Neighborhoods And Schools Act Essay

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Proposition 47, also known as the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, is an act that applies savings towards mental health and drug treatment programs. It is extremely controversial and viral, with large amounts of support and protests. This piece of rhetoric is relevant and has a critical impact on our local community and state of California. As the Californian General Election Official Voter Guide states, the goal of Prop 47 is to “…ensure that prison spending is focused on violent and serious offenses, to maximize alternatives for non-serious, nonviolent crime, and to invest the savings generated from this act into prevention and support programs in K–12 schools, victim services, and mental health and drug treatment” (Bowen 70). This explains that this proposition not only helps to relocate excessive spending, but also puts the money to better use. With a cop widow representing it, it gives a powerful message that communities in our areas need to be protected.
Within the text of the article, “Cop Widow Becomes Unlikely Public Face for Proposition 47”, Dionne Wilson is publicized as a tragic victim after the loss of her husband 9 years ago. She publicly announces that she will be a symbol of Proposition 47, and supports the vote for this to pass. Supporters believe that the pros of this proposition outweigh the cons—with an increase and improvement in public safety, a reduction in government and prison spending, and a budget towards schools and health treatment programs. Dionne Wilson lost her husband Dan, who was gunned down while making a routine stop. Wilson came to the idea that “…we need to think about where this whole cycle of crime started. If we can get in front of it, maybe there won’t be a person on the other end who i...

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... voting yes on Prop 47 will help Wilson feel that her husband’s death was not in vain, and voting would support the community and her family.
Kaplan and Emmons used timing to their advantage, shedding light on the Dionne Wilson situation, as well as supporting Proposition 47 to be passed. They made the situation relatable to all families and constantly remind us that we all would like our communities safe. The only piece the rhetoric could improve on is having an open mind on the arguments and rebuttals against them. Many of the propositions on our November ballot pertain to finances and health insurance, but this sole proposition is the outstanding one representing how safe we really feel in our society. Overall, this piece of rhetoric determines how safe we would like our community in the future, and what risks and reductions we will choose to enact as the result.

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