Essay on Safe Families For Children As A Volunteer Movement

Essay on Safe Families For Children As A Volunteer Movement

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Safe Families for Children is a volunteer movement that was founded in Chicago in 2003, and has extended its branches to different states including Maryland. Its vision is to provide safe, nurturing families for kids and supportive, thriving communities for families in distress. Its mission is to offer trust based relational intervention to heart broken children and families. Safe Families supports children during crises. Here in Maryland, Building Families for Children serves as the local implementer. The organization is motivated by compassion to keep children safe and out of foster care.
Safe Families hosts vulnerable children. We create extended-family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and to reunite families. Building Families has been disrupting the cycle of instability and brokenness that often is a part of the experience of children from hard places, such as foster care. Through CHOSEN, we provide family-based care for kids who come from hard places, who require more than the basic care and nurturing that regular foster care provides. While children are in our TFC program, they are placed in the loving homes of our foster parents, who are trained, supervised and supported. They use empowering principles to address physical needs, Connecting Principles for attachment needs, and Correcting Principles to disarm fear-based behaviors (TBRI, n.d.).
They further utilize the approach that is the most helpful and efficient way to get kids, who have been knocked off track developmentally due to life circumstances, back on track. It is one among the few intervention that really looks at the functioning of the whole child and tailors an appro...

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...em and who are motivated for change. Additionally, a growing number of government and private child welfare agencies are inviting faith communities to learn about how they can implement the model to serve young adults aged out of foster care.
The organization is funded by the, Maryland department of human services so it offers free services to the needy children and their families. Its parent’s support includes intensive training, supervision and support, 24 hour crisis intervention, respite care, tax free monthly stipend, treatment planning and assessment resources, opportunity for feedback as well as access to a team (About us, n.d.).
With help of organizations such as I mentioned earlier, we can defeat child abuse and maltreatment. Providing help to the single parents can also be very beneficial as it would minimize poverty and hunger to those in such situations.

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