Essay on The Safe And Accurate Food Labeling Act Of 2015

Essay on The Safe And Accurate Food Labeling Act Of 2015

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The Safe and accurate food labeling act of 2015 referred to as “the dark act” by some shouldn’t be passed because it would assign the ability to label to the FDA alone, it gives the FDA the ability to conceal the presence of GMO foods from consumers, and grants the FDA alone the ability to define and set the standards for what foods are considered to be GMO or natural.
Robin, Marie-Monique. “The Invention of GMOs” The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World’s Food Supply. Trans. George Holoch. New York: The New Press, 2010.131-52. Print.
The author Marie-Monique Robin sums up her work as being a historical account of the origin of GMO foods and the controversy surrounding them (132). Her work first introduces the reader to James Watson and Francis Crick, the discoverers of DNA. It then goes on to highlight the work of Monsanto in Genetic engineering, and the role of the government in policy making regarding GMOs.
The author uses extracts of various interviews she’s conducted with people from Monsanto or associated with the issue of GMOs, and historical accounts as evidence. She emphasizes the ill effects of GMOs and the claims of corruption connected to Monsanto and the government. Her work doesn’t highlight any of the achievements that GMOs have had in terms of being beneficial to humanity or life.
In this work there are historical accounts of policies and regulations regarding GMOs. This would be useful in situating my argument historically.

Fedoroff, Nina V, and Nancy Marie Brown. “Preface” and “Sharing the fruits” MENDEL IN THE KITCHEN: A SCIENTIST’S VIEW OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS. NW Washington, D.C: Joseph He...

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...elsewhere. In her work she documents the history of the modern industrialized food system, and its effect on the perspectives of food that were developed at that time.
She uses historical accounts to weave together the origin story of the modern industrialized food system and its evolvement. She emphasizes the role of women in the shaping of this system, but not of men or children. Her source covers the late nineteenth century and early to mid, 20th century.
Her source could be used to historically situate my argument. Her work begins with the rise of the modern food system and the challenges that brought about the need to regulate and set standards for the industry. The “pure food” debates that she mentions were the kick start for federal or government involvement, and were also when companies proudly and effectively labeled their product as being pure.

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