The Saddam Hussein From Power Essay

The Saddam Hussein From Power Essay

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In 2003, President George Walker Bush and his administration sent the United States military to war in Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s ruler and dictator, who murdered over 600,000 innocent people, and “...used chemical weapons to remove Kurds from their villages in northern Iraq…” (Rosenberg 2). According to the Department of Defense’s website, the war removed Saddam Hussein from power, ending an era when “Iraqis had fewer rights than when its representatives signed the Human Rights Declaration in 1948” (1). American blood, money, and honor was spent in what was allegedly a personal war, and, perhaps, a fight to gain oil and natural resources, but only history may reveal the truth. Although the Iraq War removed tyrant Saddam Hussein from power, the failures of the war dwarf the successes.
As for the allegations of a “personal war,” in 1993, President William Clinton and US Central Intelligence Agency officers discovered a plan “directed and pursued by the Iraqi Intelligence Service” to assassinate George Herbert Walker Bush, who served as President of the United States from January, 1989 to January, 1993 (Von Drehle and Smith 1). Shortly after President George Walker Bush ordered the United States Armed Forces to invade Iraq, he explained, “There 's no doubt he [Saddam Hussein] can 't stand us. After all, this is a guy that tried to kill my dad at one time,” which prompted “Some Americans [to wonder] whether the president 's determination to take on Saddam [was] a personal obsession…” (Moran 1). No matter the reason for the war, civilian and military casualties were high.
The death toll was enormous; according to the Iraq Body Count Organization, civilian casualties climbed to nearly 131,000, with almost 12,100 of...

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...n money. According to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs in a 2012 report “...estimated 22 Veterans will have died from suicide each day...” (15).
Although Operation Iraqi Freedom removed Iraq’s long time dictator, Saddam Hussein, the monetary resources and cost of life to the American military, as well as Iraqi civilians, was far too great. The initial investment of borrowed money, which already dragged the United States further into debt, could gather interest that would deepen America’s already empty pocketbook. The war could presently, and in the future, cause a health care crisis for former military members with physical and psychological injuries. The eight years the United States spent at war in Iraq have not benefited the United States — too many lost lives — and, perhaps, too much money has been spent to achieve the goal of the Iraq War.

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