Sacrifices Of The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

Sacrifices Of The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Sacrifices in The Crucible

In today’s society, sacrifices play a big role in our everyday lives. They range from small, such as sacrificing that piece of cake to keep you feeling healthier and a little better about yourself, to big sacrifices such as a firefighter sacrificing his life for a complete stranger. At the end of the day, they all all make a difference for better or for worse. In the play “The Crucible”, many various sacrifices were made during the process of exposing the possible witchcraft that was going on in Salem. These sacrifices were a result of fear. People were afraid that they would be accused of witchcraft and would do anything to avoid being pinned. A few of the sacrifices that were made were people 's lives, the happiness and peace of the town and it’s citizens, and the relationships between one another.
To start off, one of the main sacrifices made were ,sadly enough, people’s lives. This varied between people giving up each others lives as well as some people giving up their own. In the play, Danforth says “‘ I say will you confess yourself, Goody Nurse”’ (Miller 140). Rebecca Nurse’s response was “‘ Why, it’s a lie, it’s a lie; how may I damn myself?’” (Miller 140). This quote is talking about how Rebecca Nurse denied her chance to live. What Danforth wanted her to speak of was not true so Rebecca sacrificed herself so that she wouldn’t have to live with the guilt of lying knowing that God would be upset with her actions. We have known since the beginning of the book that Rebecca Nurse is a very honest and truthful women. She proves that to us up until the moment that she is hanged. From what has been read in the text, this act was necessary. Rebecca Nurse has always been true to herself and it would ...

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...en bad of. Betty blamed Abigail, Abigail blamed Tituba, Elizabeth blamed Abigail, etc.. Everybody’s goal was to do what they needed to do to stay alive. Discovering the witchcraft was the main goal but everybody blaming others for things they did not do was definitely not needed. In fact, it just made the problem worse and costed several people their lives to to the false accusations of others.
In “The Crucible”, sacrifices played a major role. Lives were taken, the happiness and peace was robbed from the town and the people within, and relationships saw their last day. The impacts of these sacrifices are results that we have no control over. We could all be thinking that a decision we made was vital to the situation, but it could actually just cause more hardship. In the grand scheme of things, the most crucial question is: what sacrifices are actually worth taking?

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