Essay on The Sacred Space Of The Cathedral Of Chartres

Essay on The Sacred Space Of The Cathedral Of Chartres

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The sacred space of the Cathedral of Chartres in France and the Parthenon will be discussed in comparison with each other.
This cathedral was built during the Medieval Period for the worshipers of God. To this day pilgrims come to see the pure, Gothic cathedral. The massive cathedral seems to loom overhead as if a symbol of God watching over the worshippers that visit. The earlier church burned in 1194, it was rebuilt and has gained a much more appreciated and admirable character distinction, statuary, and stained glass. The distinct character of the thirteenth century was captured, through the “Age of Faith” period. The architecture is Gothic which was very popular in the 1200s. Gothic architects created a frame of support with columns and arches so that the walls no longer need to support the ceilings, but are freed up to hold windows. The Gothic structure allows for plenty of windows. Chartres has a significant collection of medieval stained glass, with over 150 early thirteenth century windows. The windows allowed sunlight to enter the dark, Gothic cathedral in order to highlight the story of Christ through the stained glass windows told throughout history to pilgrims alike. These windows create a spiritual and promising place for thought and prayer. Stained glass was used to help teach the stories of Christ to people that were illiterate during the medieval times. While most worshippers of that day were illiterate, comprehending the symbolism of the story of Christ in each of the windows was vital and gave meaning towards adversity during the medieval ages, as they struggled through their dark and dreary lives, which were filled with hopefulness, while viewing the story through the stained glass windows. The windows are also...

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...though, today a current restoration project has been continuing in order to reconstruct the Parthenon and is almost finished.
One similarity between the Parthenon and the cathedral in France is the size, which are both large and metaphorically symbolize the people’s devotion and dedication to their God. One similarity, is today both the Cathedral of Chartres and the Parthenon of Acropolis Greece both serve as temples and popular tourist sites today. The two styles also differ quite dramatically which can be seen in the cathedral which is a Gothic style and the Parthenon which is a Doric and Ionic style. The cathedral differs from the Parthenon because the Cathedral has maintained most of their authentic parts, mostly involving the stained glass windows. While, the Parthenon has been burnt down and reconstructed, both still partake a significant marker in art history.

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