The Sacred Scriptures Of Moses Essay

The Sacred Scriptures Of Moses Essay

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The Sacred Scriptures recounts that Moses, after leaving Egypt, Moses led the people of Israel for forty years through the desert, facing grave dangers, fighting fierce enemies, and enduring harsh penalties, heading for the Promised Land. However, it is also known through the lines of Deuteronomy that once Moses reached the gates of the Promised Land, he had to say farewell to the people. Moses died there without being able to reach the longed-for goal. He had been, and still is, the greatest figure in Israel, the liberator of the people of Israel from the Egyptian captivity, and yet he died in exile, buried in a tomb that nobody could ever visit because nobody knows where it is (Deut. 34: 1 – 6). But, the question that many are asked is: why did God punish him that way? The Bible says that it was a fault he committed during his journey in the desert. God did not forgive him, and therefore denied him entrance into Canaan. Indeed, the Scriptures state that Moises had sinned. However, it is not until he arrives at the entrance to the Promise Land, on the plains of Moab, that the reader learns about this fact. Moses delivers a speech in which he told them that he could not cross over the Jordan River with them to take possession of new territory because God has forbidden. In so doing, he also explains the reason for this decision (Deut. 31 – 34).
The explanatory discourse of Moses is located in the first chapter of the book of Deuteronomy. In it, he tells them that the incident took place 38 years earlier, while he and their parents were in the middle of the desert, in a town called Kadesh-Barnea. Moses had decided to send some spies to advance and enter incognito in the Promised Land, to find out how it was, who inhabited it, what ...

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...hat “rather than dying a normal death, the result of natural decay, Moses disappears into the mountain to die, alone, full of vigor of life…. Moses dies. And that is that.” His death can be compared with that of Elijah 's. "The legend of Elijah 's death moves in the same direction, although with markedly more intense drama…. It cuts short work as yet unfinished. But in the heroic death of Moses or Elijah death carries a confirmation of a life 's work, and affirmation of God 's presence." Thus, the death of Moses was due to an act of solidarity. If the nation he had liberated, founded and guided should die in the desert, Moses had to follow the same path and accompany it to its tragic end. That is why, while the book of Numbers states that Moses was going to get into the Promised Land, Deuteronomy says no, because God decided that Moses had to follow Israel’s fate.

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