Sacred Pathways By Gary Thomas Essay

Sacred Pathways By Gary Thomas Essay

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The expression of worship can tend to become forced and mechanical, because when taught about worship, we are all expected to be able to worship the same way. This however, does not work. Just how we all have our own personalities, we all have our own way in which we worship and feel closest to God. When we worship God, he wants to know the real us, not the person someone else wants us to be. God has created each of us uniquely. Therefore, our worship is unique as well. We affirm Gods work as Creator when we worship him according to the way he made us. In church, we are typically taught all the ways that we will find closeness with God. One of the main ideas pushed is quiet time, taking time out of your day to simply listen and talk to God. While this is important it might not be the way everyone will find closeness with God. We find closeness with God in many different ways. In the book, Sacred Pathways, Gary Thomas shows us the different ways we relate to God, and how we draw near to him.
The book goes through 9 different Sacred Pathways. The first, is naturalists. A naturalist is closest to God when they spend time in nature. They often view God’s “cathedral” as the outdoors, the place that God himself built. Many believe that the bible was written to be read outdoors. Many illustrations in the Bible are taken from nature. Psalm 23 is an example, the writer refers to the place he finds solace with God as “green pastures”, and “still waters”. There are three ways that the naturalist learns better from the outdoors: visualizing scriptural truths, seeing God more clearly, and learning to rest. Naturalists need to be careful to focus their worship the God who created nature, not nature itself.
The second pathway is sensates. ...

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...eek God with our hearts, it is also important to seek God with our minds. Intellectuals should be careful not to just learn about God, but put into practice what they have learned.
In conclusion, Thomas encourages us to look at our spiritual lives as a garden. In order for a garden to grow and flourish, it has to be watered and taking care of. Thomas says, “Some of us live with the mistaken impression that our faith needs only to be planted, not tended” (p.232). In order for our spiritual life to grow we must work for it and take care of it. Thomas suggest starting this by just spending time with God. Over time, as we seek God, our spiritual temperaments will evolve. Thomas leaves us with the thought that we are made to love God. God will provide us with everything we need to maintain our spiritual garden, but we must respond to his invitation to commune with him.

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