The Sacred Balance : Rediscovering Our Place Essay examples

The Sacred Balance : Rediscovering Our Place Essay examples

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Look at the civilized, beautiful capital cities in every developed country all around the world which is the central of high fashioned and convenience facility. To live in the city, it seems like the nature surrounding is not important to us anymore. In “The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature” David Suzuki presents the connection between human and the nature and how we depend on the surrounding environment. However, within the past century, most of our modern technologies have been developed in order to provide people needs of goods and products (63). Many of the products we made are causing much more harm to the environment than the value that products provide. Technological development has damaged our environment to the point that we cannot control. Our environment is directly related to our lives and therefore, we must not just focus on technological development, but we should also focus on protecting the environment since the nature is directly related to our lives.
Because of the ability to learn from the past and know what human can do to influence the future br...

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