Sacraments : Common Experiences Of Worship Essay

Sacraments : Common Experiences Of Worship Essay

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Sacraments are observed in order to make God’s love visible. The sacraments are common experiences of worship in the Christian experience. In the same way that our calendars point to who we are as a people, the sacraments that we have in place also point to who we are as a people. If someone were to observe one of our sacraments, it would be easy to distinguish us from other religions. Therefore sacraments are another way of identifying worshippers of Jesus Christ.
Sacramental worship is distinguished by sign-acts. Sign-acts convey meaning. They express the encounter between God and man. Sacraments are a type of sign that involves acts, words, and objects. Objects that are used in today’s church are things such as bread, oil, water, and wine. During sacramental worship, words and action come together. The words and actions come together and reinforce each other. Sacramental worship shows others who we are. However, we must be careful to direct our worship to the true and living God. The over-emphasis of sacrament can lead to legalism.
Sacraments were made possible in Christianity because we followed the lead of Jewish tradition. This was something that came natural to early Christians. The reason is that the Christians of that time Jews that converted into Christianity. They made God known through sacraments. They celebrated their Jewish traditions around the history of their relationship with God the Father. They were careful not to make idols out of the sacraments. Rather, they used them to remember God and to share their faith in God and showed His divine will for generations to come.
The Jewish community also used meal times as a form of sacrament. In today’s society, we may say a little prayer without any real thought. This ...

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...ater baptism is when a person has water sprinkled on their head or they are immersed in water. The baptism symbolizes the purification and remission of sins. This also an outward sign of that shows a person has accepted Jesus Christ as personal their personal Lord and Savior. Upon baptism, you become a member of the body of Christ. Jesus Christ was our example of this. He was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.
Another well-known sacrament is holy matrimony. Matrimony is conducted for believers and non-believers. The original design of marriage was to make a binding covenant between a man and woman of God. In holy matrimony, the couple jointly commit to God and each other. They become one in the presence of God and in front of witnesses. Matrimony is symbolic of how Jesus Christ loves the church. Sacraments are a great part of the Christian experience.

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