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The Sacramento Kings Team Essay

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One hundred and twenty six decibels, the record for the loudest indoor arena, goes to the Sleep Train Arena, and the home of the Sacramento Kings. The record was broken at a Kings Bucks game, and though the fans were able to break a record, the Kings still lost. Since relocating to the tiny city of Sacramento, the Kings have never really been a good team. The team has only seen mediocre players with the occasional appearances of great players visiting, arriving only to pound the team and the aspiring hopes of the minimal fan base. Though the franchise has seen a couple a playoff runs and one Conference Finals debut, in which they were beaten, the team has found a way to persevere. But with new ownership comes a fresh start for a team that has been licking the bottom of the barrel. Why do such loyal fans deserve this treatment. People call the franchise lost, and the team a mess. What seems to be the unanswered question to all this is, why. What makes the Kings so bad?
The players coming into the Kings for the last few years have been young college kids picked in the first round of the draft with aspirations of becoming stars. Every kid going into the NBA thinks he is the next Lebron James, and thinks he can make a bad team great all by himself. But this is where the problem stems from; these nineteen and twenty year olds stepping on the court are talented but not grounded, and as soon as the season starts and their hopes are high, they manage to play the best game of one versus five. Take a player we recently traded away; Tyreke Evans. He is an extremely talented player who could drive on the hoop and still make the basket. The problem that existed with Tyreke is that he did not pass the ball. Once he heard the fans cheer his na...

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...that skill and utilize the skill set of each player on the team. And the Coaches in Sacramento, still haven't made the cut.
People look at Sacramento like one of those teams that will need a LeBron James, or a Michael Jordan to help lift us out of the rut that we are in. But people don’t look at why we are in a rut, to come up with a solution. The Kings have been playing bad basketball for the past five to ten years now, plain and simple. The people in prime responsibility, the players and coaches for their lack of care and effort in a team that they think is just a speed bump in their career. And as they choose complacency in how they attack the problem, and sulk under the mask of bad basketball, the fans punished, by horrible entertainment. There is a solution, but it only comes when the coaches and players are ready say they are proud to be a Sacramento King.

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