Essay on The Sabbath Day : A Day Of Observance And Abstinence

Essay on The Sabbath Day : A Day Of Observance And Abstinence

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During the month of October our class visited the Touro Synagogue and their Sabbath ceremonies. The Sabbath day is a day of observance and abstinence from work, for Jews it’s from Friday evening to Saturday evening and celebrated by Christians on Sundays. I attended the first Friday (10/2) service where they was celebrating Sukkot. Sukkot is a major festival held in the fall to commemorate the sheltering of the Israelites in the wilderness and on this day they give thanks for the fall harvest. Although the service was very short, it was interesting and very different to my normal religious service.
I felt very indifferent during the event because I was genuinely confused. The first thing I noticed as we walked through the door was the singing in a foreign language. I noticed how many of them fluently spoke Hebrew and could pronounce almost every word in the program and Song Book. From our practice in class and Sis. Mary Anne’s verbal translations as she read out loud in class, a word that was spoken often was Adonai. The second thing I took notice to was how the song book was written and presented to us backwards; the pages did not flow from left to right but from right to left along with the words. One girl next to me she seemed very engaged in the service, I heard her mumble words and attempt to sing alone with the cantor.
I mentioned before how the service was different from my own religious service, at this time I realized how this was my first time attending a religious service outside my religious domain of Christianity. It was a different experience for me because I had not ever attended something that was spoken a majority of the time in a completely different language, not knowing exactly what was being said and o...

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...ght learn and how they would correlate. Learning of how other people do things and worship their God is a unique thing. Although the hymns in the Jewish synagogue was sung in Hebrew, it shares similarities with Baptist Church. We sing hymnals and old hymns in unison and we praise our God through devotion and worship services with song. I realized that I should be more open minded about things because once I am willing to learn I can eventually learn more than originally intended by the instructor. Jewish symbols I observed while being in the room was the Torah scrolls which was located in the ark, the tallit was worn by both the assistant rabbi and cantor, the eternal flame was in top of the Holy Ark, and Challah was passed around at the end. Many students in our classes tasted the bread with raisins. This overall experience was good and I enjoyed this opportunity.

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