Essay on The 's Work Raises About Biotechnology And Art

Essay on The 's Work Raises About Biotechnology And Art

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List 3 different questions or ideas Stelarc 's work raises about biotechnology and art.
Many of Stelarc’s work question the effectiveness and adequacy of the human body in a society that is becoming dominated by machines, suggesting the eventual artificial evolution that may occur. His works put forth the idea of the post - Humanity being, and what the human race may evolve to in the future with the assistance of technology. Thus challenging societies contemporary personal and cultural beliefs regarding the limitations of the body. He does this by portraying the body as biological architecture, to be viewed and treated as a structure rather than an emotional being.
His works urge the viewer to wonder where, and why the line should be drawn between art and science, technology and nature. In a general sense Stelarc’s art practises are very similar to conventional and traditional artists, as he is merely using new technology to aid in the creation and manipulation of his artwork. By doing this he aims to create works, and performances that encompass an experience for his viewers, rather than producing a solitary and stationary work. Thus audiences are challenged during their immersion into the performance piece to question the notion of what constitutes art and or science. Throwing into question and redefining the traditional conventions of art and aesthetics.
His works draw attention to the possibilities of the post-evolution human, and the idea that one day our body may be merely a host for technology. The biotechnological theme of his works provides a shock factor to the viewers as many of his practices lie outside the typical realm of cosmetic surgery and prosthetics. Almost all of Stelarc’s works focus on the notion of the prost...

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...asily manipulated nature of consumers through effective advertising. Through the blurring of division between art, science, and advertising Piccinini aims to challenge and reinvent conventional art in order to effectively comment on and reflect upon the modern world.

Due to the accelerating nature of technology, historical artistic constructs are continually being challenged and developed upon, altering what we deem to be a plausible form of artistic expression. This is necessary in order for art to evolve in sync with society, as artists are able to manipulate the forefront of scientific advances to create contemporary art. Through their art making processes both Stelarc and Piccinini respond to and reflect upon human interaction with our technologically advancing world, whilst exploring the ramifications and potential of both modern and futuristic technology.

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