The 's Turn Towards Defining What Character And Virtue Mean Essay

The 's Turn Towards Defining What Character And Virtue Mean Essay

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s turn towards Aristotelians’ approach to defining what character and virtue mean. In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotelian is defined. Character is about a current state of being and action. In virtue ethics “character traits are stable, fixed, and reliable dispositions.” This means that a person with a specific character trait is constant in their actions. So someone who is honest is constantly honest in any situation whether or not it is easy. We are born with “natural tendencies” that help shape our character. Our environment can mold and create our character in a positive or a negative way. As a result character is a long progress. In life we tend to look up to older people to be our role models in life. These role models help us to become a moral character. In society role models tend to be people that are just, kind, and help society out. They are a positive influence on the people around them. Aristotle stressed that virtue is not a habit because our habits help us to evolve our virtue. Virtue is a choice, we must choose to be a virtuous person. We must have knowledge about virtue. Once chosen it is a lifelong progress. There is a reason behind any action we take. We think before we act in a situation. People act kind and caring towards others because they realize that this is the right way to act around others.
Emotions are connected with virtues. For an example courage is tied in with fear. There is always an emotion that ties into a virtue. Virtue also calls for a person to want to do the right thing for the right reason. An individual cannot be virtuous in character if they do something for the wrong reason. Doing something out of selfishness or out of jealousy is wrong and can be looked down upon by others. To achieve a...

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...e ethics will extend from moral philosophy to political philosophy. Aristotelian ideas may be used to generate a liberal political philosophy. However, the importance of moral education in the training of character it is well understood as a growing movement.
Today, philosophers of various types continue to look towards the work of Aristotle for inspiration and even guidance. Aristotle’s influence is seen in the current interest in virtue ethics. Aristotle’s influence is likely to continue. Even now, you can see interest in his work by looking towards any encyclopedia or philosophy text book. His influence exceeds all other philosophers and only Plato comes close. Virtue ethics has risen to prominence once again because it is still applicable to modern life. With its focus on the virtuous character traits of humans, it can help one choose to live virtuously.

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