The 's Triangle Of Love Theory Essay

The 's Triangle Of Love Theory Essay

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Interpersonal relationships can take many forms and develop from multiple different factors. For example, Pat Solitano and Tiffany Maxwell, two characters from the movie Silver Linings Playbook, seem to have developed consummate love – a combination of all three factors in Sternberg’s triangle of love theory, which are passion, intimacy, and commitment (Aronson, p. 390-91). Their relationship developed over the course of the movie, starting from a little passion or physical attractiveness, growing into a somewhat dysfunctional form of an exchange relationship with hints of jealousy as well as self-disclosure, into the consummate love that is seen at the end of the movie. The two characters start to develop intimacy, passion, and commitment despite what seemed like an unstable friendship based on Pat’s desire to see his ex-wife and Tiffany’s need for a dance partner.
Their relationship begins with a quick escalation caused by Tiffany’s rejected offer to have sex and a mutual disclosure of their physical attraction to one another the same night they meet. Physical attraction seems to play a role in both the desire to meet again and who will end up liking who; this mutual feeling was likely an important factor in the development of their relationship (Aronson, p. 368). However, Tiffany’s offer to Pat was rejected, which can lead to aggression and physical pain (Aronson, p. 379-80). Tiffany soon begins to cry after mentioning her husband’s death, so it is also possible that she made this offer to avoid being lonely as well. Tiffany soon starts to run into Pat while he is jogging, indicating that they live in close proximity. Proximity is one of two major factors that leads us to both like and fall in love with someone (Aronson, p. 38...

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...ped within the first couple days since they were disclosing pretty personal information. Their self-disclosure, although appearing effective, almost never had all four factors at once – self-expression, self-clarification, social validation, and social control were all present at some point but usually not all at once (Lecture, 4/14/16). Tiffany and Pat appeared to not be very compatible at first, but proximity and similarity played a significant role in the development of their relationship. Their increasing intimacy, passion, and commitment for one another was also clearly shown even when they appeared to be splitting apart. Despite the problems they faced such as jealousy and a previous commitment to another relationship (Pat), their initially dysfunctional relationship blossomed into a seemingly stable romantic interpersonal relationship by the end of the movie.

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