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Adler’s concept of superiority striving is also demonstrated here after viewing her grades from first year as demoralizing. A bit of an inferiority complex seems to have developed thoughout the semesters, due to her feeling incompetent and sometimes is exaggerated so that she thinks it’s almost impossible for her to achieve anything. Freud’s perspective might see this instead as a defense mechanism of sublimation. Turning negative urges into socially acceptable motivations. Even as her heart feels heavy and she feels inadequate, she turns this into motivations to do better and energy to work more. For example, after a midterm the normal college student might go and relax a little, but she’ll probably overanalyze it and think about the number of possible questions she got wrong and instead of letting herself rest, she’ll immediately start working on an assignment or essay or studying for another midterm and even ignore eating because she won’t feel like she deserves rest or relaxation.
Pavlov however, might argue that these are behavioural patterns as a result of conditioning. As she college student she has learned to associate midterms and grades with negativity and demoralizing thoughts. However, Kurt Lewin could argue that these behaviours are field dependent, only occurring at certain times in certain situations, in this case, the situation of school as these behaviours are absent during the holidays and vacation. Alex always works in the summer and while jobs can also be stressful, she never seems as anxious or stressed out at work when compared to at school.
Since the start of university she tends to experience negative emotions of sadness, anxiety, and shame more frequently then she used to. Sometimes it seems like she’s...

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...tention centered events but friendly and altruistic, especially in the company of friends and family. Her reliability, orderliness, dutifulness and sense of responsibility are definitely not to be overlooked. She has excellent self-discipline, is very organized, responsible, hard-working and always puts work before play. Striving to do her best in everything, this drives her towards her goals. Despite being high in agreeableness and conscientiousness she also has a tendency to experience negative emotions, blaming and doubting her own capability, and struggling with integration of her persona and shadow.
The challenges she faces generally are with interpersonal relationships and the struggle of self-efficacy in times of failure and discouragement. These two challenges are interrelated and one way I suggest to overcome, is by changing her cognitive perspective.

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