The 's Production Of Dance Cuba Essay

The 's Production Of Dance Cuba Essay

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On Wednesday, November 9th, I attended Lizt Alfonso’s production of Dance Cuba in the Music Hall Center in Detroit. It was choreographed by Lizt Alfonso, Diana Fernandez, and Yadira Hernandez. Dance Cuba travels with 18 dancers and an amazing musical group that is on stage, not in an orchestra pit. As stated by Tom Paul, artistic director, the last time Lizt Alfonso’s Dance Cuba performed in Detroit was in 2003. Having been thirteen years since the last performance, everyone was excited to see what was in store.
This production was based on the Cuban dances and music from the 1950’s to today’s style of Cuban dance. Not only did Lizt Alfonso incorporate Cuban dance in this production, but she also weaved ballet, flamenco, and Afro-Cuba throughout the show. This performance had two Acts in it and incorporated many different style dances very quickly throughout it.
As the curtain lifted, Act I was on its way. The stage lighting changed from a dim light that reminded you of a club setting, to different colored blue and white hues that lit the stage, setting the mood for each piece the dancers danced. Not only did the lighting set the mood, but also the music created an amazing atmosphere in the music hall. The music was created by the musicians that were on stage. They used drums, pianos, maracas, guitars, and tambourines. The music that was created by these instruments was either a quick tempo, fast and upbeat or it would drop down to a slow, somber, even somewhat sad type of song. Each piece throughout Act I changed with the type of style and toon. One of the pieces had a mambo style music that was fun and upbeat. In the background the musicians would sing so incredibly, that it felt like you were actually at a club...

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...and dance and hoot and holler. My favorite piece in the production was one that reminded me of the movie Grease. The man took the girl and swung her from the left to the right side of him, then swung her between his legs. Not only did this specific move remind of Grease, but also the dresses that were worn by the women. I love that era (50’s) due to that reason. The dresses were flowy, colorful, and full of life. The dance moves are even better. To this day I wish I could dance like they could then!
To see a production that took history and tradition and meshed it with modern and today’s style of dance was fantastic. I enjoyed this performance because it kept my attention and whenever I thought it would continue being a slower piece it sped back up instantaneously. I am very glad I chose to see this one and would recommend anyone to go see it.

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