Essay on The 's Opinion On Whistleblowing

Essay on The 's Opinion On Whistleblowing

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1) Compare and Contrast
• a. Maggie Severns’ opinion on whistleblowing is that the people involved are just trying to better the government. Severns states in her interview that there are different types of whistleblowing, and that “data dumps” are not the best way to ensure an effective government, or to make the difference intended. Also, in the interview Severns states that anonymity in whistleblowing makes it less effective, since there needs to be a face attached to the situation to make people remember. Severns draws an interesting parallel with whistleblowing and movies, we as humans like narratives, and with a face attached to the whistleblowing, we relate to it more.
• b. Frederick Elliston states the three different situations surrounding whistleblowing. The first being public whistleblowing, the second anonymous whistleblowing, and the third whistleblowing to a leader or trusted supervisor. Each of these situations have pros and cons, and have a appropriate situation with respective possible dangers and consequences, along with the appropriate seriousness of the situation. Another point Elliston brings up is that with anonymous whistleblowing being an option, there is the chance that the information may be false, or that the person leaking the information may be doing so for they’re own gain, instead of the best interest of the people. Elliston gives many different examples and scenarios to make whistleblowing consequences more relatable.
• c. The two arguments are similar by their takes on anonymous whistleblowing, and that in certain situations anonymity is not always the best option. One of the major differences between the two opinions is that Sevens believes that whistleblowing is to better society, no matter if ...

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... that I believe that the people should be heavily involved in the government, and there should be a lot of communication between the two. Liberals, in general, are for more involvement of the government, and so whistleblowing would be a way for the people to peer behind the scenes and make sure we’re all on the same page.

6) What of the 6 of the Moral Foundations is most important here on both sides?
I believe of the 6 Moral Foundations that loyalty/betrayal is the most important in this issue on both sides. When a whistleblower comes forward they are betraying whatever promise they made to not share the information, however, they are showing that the government is betraying the promises and commitments they had made. Loyalty is the desired outcome on both sides of this issue; however on one side the loyalty desired is to the people’s overall happiness and safety.

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