The 's On Track, Adult Lifestyle Essay

The 's On Track, Adult Lifestyle Essay

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The thoughts that ran through Sammy’s head questions all of us of what led him to make the changes of his “on track” adult lifestyle. Now a responsible young adult being 19 years old working a cash register and dealing with “Sheep” [customers] doesn’t quite cut it for him. Checking out groceries for people at the A&P local grocery store for quite some time , he decides to step up and be a hero by quitting his job as a reaction for three girls being expostulated, because of their attire clothing, by his boss Lengel. However, was he becoming a “hero” for three girls or a hero for his own self finally taking the opportunity to speak up for something he has been languishing to do so.
There are so many different perspectives on the way Sammy handles his business by quitting. Three critics open up their thoughts on what could be this adolescent reason to say “I quit”. The first critic Bernardo has in mind that Sammy quits to stand up and be a hero for what he believes is right but on the other hand, the second critic has a thought for him quitting because of the girls and the way he thinks of them in hopes they will be there waiting for him once he takes his last steps out of being a cash register at A&P. The last critic Thompson’s view is much more understanding and reasonable where I can agree upon is that it wasn’t about the girls or the “standing up for rights”, but an adult that’s still much a teen just taking advantage of the time and reason to escape from a dead end job and free himself from a responsible- filled life.
In Bernardo’s statement she proves that Sammy wasn’t embarrassed when the girls had walked into the store but upset and annoyed for when his manager Mr. Lengel had scolded them for being oblivious to not dress...

... middle of paper ...

... working and staying at the job just to please what your parents might so think of it. “Presumably he has begun to realize that the incident offers him the perfect opportunity to free himself from his dead-end job. Sammy should not be regarded as a hero, but rather as a young man who takes full advantage of an opportunity to free himself from a responsibility- filled life that he desperately wants to avoid.”
Life doesn’t get easier as the years go by. Some may be ready and some not so much ready or prepared; but time goes on. Every once in a while, the hour hand on the clock gets stuck. It stays in place until it gets that help it needs to get unstuck or it works it out on its own. Sammy is the hour hand that wants to move forward but doesn’t know how. That chance that he saw, he took it; unlike most people that are afraid of change and leaving their comfort zone.

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