The 's Of The System Of Modern Human Society Essay

The 's Of The System Of Modern Human Society Essay

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Human society, as a whole, is series of individual parts that interact with each other to form an entire interlocking system. Like a machine, it works best when all the parts fulfill their role and contribute to the overall functioning. If even one part of the entire system is malfunctioning for whatever reason, this can have an affect on other parts, or even the whole system. Help is a key action in the interworking’s of the system of modern human society. Each of us have an innate inclination towards helping others, because whether we are aware of the affect or not, it is for the benefit of human society as a whole. From an evolutionary perspective, helping is a type of behaviour that seeks to increase the survival rate of all humans. The concept of help can be explored through extended definitions of help that go beyond Western stereotypes, the dynamic identities of the helper and those who are helped, and my personal experiences with help that put it into a real life perspective. Ultimately, this analysis will show that help is one of the universal bonding characteristics of all levels of human society.
I believe that help, in its most abstract terms, can be defined as any process of action that provides a benefit to an individual, or group, identified as being in need of help. Despite the fact that the general stereotypes of help revolve around one individual helping another, like for example a doctor curing their patient, the ways in which humans can benefit each other is far less exhaustive. The definition I chose is best suited because it does not assume that all help is done directly, committed intentionally, individualistic, effective cross-culturally, wanted, altruistic, or that it actually solves the originally ident...

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...lp her in the first place. This example, though simple and everyday, exemplifies the characteristics of help and shows the dynamics of the helper and helped identities.
If human society is a machine-like system of complex interworking’s, then help is what helps everything to keep working and become better. It is through help that social relationships are strengthened and human society becomes better as a whole. As shown by the definition of help and the dynamic identities it entails, help is a major part of the connections that link together human individuals and groups within society. While it is not a uniquely human concept, humans exceptional use of help to benefit society is unparalleled. Help is an essential mechanism in human society that has contributed to the successes we have had thus far, through the benefits it indirectly provides to society as a whole.

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