Essay about The 's Obvious That Communication Is Important For All Relationships

Essay about The 's Obvious That Communication Is Important For All Relationships

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-it’s obvious that communication is important in all relationships. Regardless of the fact, I question whether it is possible to have successful friendships when there is a lack of communication, and to what extent. I found interest in this topic in particular because according to my own personal experiences, solid and stable long-term friendships are hard to come by without communication, more specifically self-disclosure. Because I, for one, struggle with the idea of emotional intimacy and tend to avoid discussing personal information about myself, I also question if my lack of self disclosure is a significant contribution to my limited amount of developed friendships.

Upon research, Some Things are Better Left Unsaid II: Topic Avoidance in Friendships an Article by Walid A. Afifi and Laxtra K. Guerrero, From Coworkers to Friends: The Development of Peer Friendships in the Workplace an article written by Patricia M. Sias and Daniel J. Cahill, and an excerpt from Interplay: The process of interpersonal communication written by Ronald B. Adler,Laurence B. Rosenfeld and Russell F. Proctor II were just a few sources I used support the variety of questions I have on communication in successful friendships.
Most would assume that the more you disclose to someone about yourself, the closer your relationship with them should be. But just how significant is self-disclosure in contributing in successful friendships? This article Some Things are Better Left Unsaid II: Topic Avoidance in Friendships written by Walid A. Afifi and Laxtra K. Guerrero examines the degree which individuals disclose and avoid disclosing about themselves in different types of friendships
In Afifi and Guerreros research they gathered 177 undergraduate busi...

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... is equal and not too one sided. You both value each other’s company but also independences, and don’t take each other for granted. Lastly (“Treating each other with respect” and “Apologize and Forgive”) (Adler et. al, 2015) are especially important in maintaining the friendship. Respect is crucial to all types of relationships, and without it they are bound to fail. Likewise, there are bound to be disagreements eventually that may lead to unintended remarks. “When you’re the one who has been wronged, granting forgiveness can help repair the friendship and leave you feeling better than holding a grudge” (Bernstein, 2010; Merolla, 2008). When these guidelines aren’t followed or are broken, problems may arise that can either damage or in extremity, terminate the friendship.

Researching this topic has revealed a lot about how communication affects friendship

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