The 's Main Argument Within The Western Question : The Geopolitics Of Latin American Independence

The 's Main Argument Within The Western Question : The Geopolitics Of Latin American Independence

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Rafe Blaufarb’s main argument within “The Western Question: The Geopolitics of Latin American Independence” is that of the geopolitical events that took place during 1815 to 1820. The result of the Spanish imperial collapse was significant to the independence of Latin America were impacted by Britain, France, the United States, and individuals; royalsit, privateers, and Bonapartists. International competition between the North Atlantic powers, particularly France and Britain, as well ass the effects of the Napoleonic time period effected Spanish America and Spanish geopolitics (Blaufarb, 743). Britain’s main interests dealt with free commerce between themselves and Latin America, while remaining allies with the Spanish. Their main concern was that the United States and France would trade with Latin America. France’s main concern was that they wanted to remain allies and hold free trade with Spain, but feared “that Britain would achieve global hegemony by turning South America into a “second Hindustan” (Blaufarb, 747). The United States’ situation was similar to Frances because it also hated Britain and feared that “Britain would appropriate the spoils as well as reap the spoils themselves” (Blaufarb, 750). The United States differed from France because it shared borders with Spanish America, and was able to profit territorially if Spanish America were to gain independence (Blaufarb, 750). The kind of evidence that Blaufarb uses are mainly secondary sources; books and manuscripts. An example of convincing evidence that he used was “By interdicting Spanish commerce and communications with America, the privateers forced Spain to fight a costly guerrilla war at sea” (Blaufarb, 753). This is convincing because it provides information ...

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... the Spanish voices themselves to say that independence is a good idea provided Britain with the security of accepting the independence of Colombia. The Haiti Declaration of Independence relates with this document because they are both documents that apply to states that are trying to gain sovereignty after being colonized from Atlantic powers. This document relates to the Scott reading because it lightly covers the ideology of slavery, and the new enlightened West was anti-slavery these same rules applied to Adélaïde Métayer within Cuba and New Orleans. It support the Blaufarb document because Colombia is telling Britain that they would benefit from trade if they were to accept Colombia as an independent state. Blaufarb’s argument is parallel to this in the fact that he also mentions the outcome that Britain would result to if they start trading with Latin America.

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