Essay on The 's Lack Of Self Confidence

Essay on The 's Lack Of Self Confidence

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A truly confident woman possesses a quiet inner strength. She exudes a silent confidence that speaks for itself. She isn’t cocky or conceited. Confidence should not be confused with conceit. Confidence is being self-assured of your abilities and believing that you can get the job done. When a woman is truly confident, she doesn’t have to brag or boast. Conceit, on the other hand, is constantly bragging.
Unfortunately, one of the things that often prevents women from pursuing their dreams is a lack of self-confidence. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to increase your self-confidence. Let’s look at the example of my friend Lisa, who built up her confidence and began to climb up the corporate ladder at the company she currently works for.

Lisa’s Lack of Self-Confidence
A few years ago, my friend Lisa applied for a management position at the company she currently works for. She had worked as a supervisor for over a decade and was eager to move up the corporate ladder. After she applied for a management position, she was unhappy to learn that a younger woman with more education had also applied for the same management position. We met for dinner, and she discussed her fears and apprehensions about getting the promotion.
During dinner, Lisa told me how the other woman who was applying for the same position had a degree from a prestigious university. Looking worried, Lisa also mentioned that her competition was not only better educated, but she was also prettier and petite. I asked Lisa what did the other woman’s size have to do with anything? It seemed as if Lisa, who had yet to interview for the management position, had already conceded defeat before the interview.
The more Lisa talked, the more she compared herse...

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... on her abuse. But rather than remain a victim, she created an organization to help empower other survivors of domestic violence. She turned a negative experience into a positive, and empowered other women as a result.
One of the best ways for a woman to empower herself is through education. An educated woman is capable of gaining power and taking control of her life. This is why some governments and religious extremists attempt to limit a woman’s access to education. They fear a world in which women are no longer oppressed and are free to determine their own destiny.

As the father of three beautiful daughters, I want my girls to grow up in a world in which they have complete control over their lives. I want them to live in a world in which they are empowered. I want all women to be free to pursue an education, and enjoy life, without the worry of being oppressed.

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