The 's Journey Towards Hearing Essay

The 's Journey Towards Hearing Essay

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It is an average Wednesday afternoon when Shannon and I pull up to the Bender home. The Benders live in a quaint little neighborhood right on the outskirts of Tallahassee. When we enter their home, a little boy with blonde hair is rolling a Pokémon ball back and fourth on the floor, and we can see a tan colored cochlear implant on the left side of his head and a hearing aid worn on the right ear. He excitedly runs over and starts spitting out information to us, as his mother tries to calm him down. We all sit on the couch as Ms. Michelle starts to explain their family’s journey with Nick and as they say “his journey towards hearing”.
One day after his birth, Nick was diagnosed as “hard of hearing” due to failing his Newborn Infant Hearing Screenings. The doctors told Ms. Michelle and her family that this could be temporary, and that they had to wait a full month to make a full diagnosis. The doctors explained that there was mostly likely some fluid left in his ears and that it would drain. She said this was the most stressful time of her life, not knowing for a whole month whether ...

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