1960’s Gangs vs. Gangs Nowadays Essay

1960’s Gangs vs. Gangs Nowadays Essay

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Gangs are a group of boys and believe it or not girls too, that frequently get together to make all types of vandalism and actions that are not admitted by the law. Gangs have been part of the world for a very long time; they have also evolved through time. For example gangs in the 1960’s are not the same as the gangs we see today in our days. Many gangs were made before and after the 1960’s but the major gangs in this time were: The Crips, The Latin Kings, KKK, The Bloods which were enemies of The Crips, and the 18th Street Gang.
The first gang that caught my attention was the 18th Street Gang which was formed in the late 1960’s. The name of the gang was originated from a street in the Rampart section of East Los Angeles. They were also known as “Children’s army” because they recruited elementary and middle school kids as a part of their gang. They show no clemency for their own members, you might be a really good friend of the leader but if you say the word “I’m out” they will menace you and your family. Also if you disrespect a leader or the big boss or another member of the gang you have a very sure beating of 18 seconds or you can even get killed depending on the circumstances. Some people say gang activities in the 1960’s were less dangerous, but this gang is a serious exception. Their criminal activities included auto theft, carjacking, drive-by shootings, they sold drugs, arm trafficking, extortion, rape and murder for hire. The 18th Street Gang extended across North America having more than 30,000 members. First it began with an ethnicity of Hispanic members, but throughout the years they included African Americans, Asians, Caucasians, and Native Americans.
Another gang that was formed during the 1960’s is the Latin Kin...

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... Also, we can see that some gangs both wear and wore their shirts slightly or completely untucked as a sign of cool or toughness. It was very unusual and atypical to see a gang member wearing a sweater, they preferred to rock the leather jackets and baggy work pants. In the late 1960’s gang members would start wearing club or team sweaters according to their gang initials or affiliation.

The racial/ethnic composition of gangs also appears to be changing. African-American and Hispanic gangs still predominate, but law enforcement agencies in a number of cities are now reporting Asian and South Pacific groups, more white gangs, and more racial/ethnic mixing than in the past. (Klein)
Overall, gangs have changed a lot in their way of doing activities, in their fashion, in their ethnic rules, and others. In my opinion, gangs have always been as brutal as it started.

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