The 's Effect On Women 's Experience Essay

The 's Effect On Women 's Experience Essay

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Energy that might have been directed toward individual development or toward resistance against limitations on women’s experience is often invested, instead, in resistance against the appearance of aging” (139). Sasha spends countless hours staring at herself in the mirror, noticing how she has aged and identifies the effect poverty has had on her features and clothing. It seems likely that Sasha would have been concerned about her appearance if Enno had not left her, but she would not have contended with poverty. Still, she may not have questioned the level of her love for Enno and the resulting epiphany that she did.
While Sasha questions whether she actually loved her husband and her baby, she recognizes her decline begins when Enno leaves (Rhys, Good Morning, Midnight 143). Unable or unwilling to integrate these losses in a healthy way, Sasha collapses instead of transforms. Thus, she deteriorates. One manifestation of Sasha’s stagnation is the armor she dons when she enters society. When she does not wear her protective armor, she feels vulnerable to attack. When she feels the armor is in place, she feels secure. On one of her excursions, Sasha goes to the restaurant Théodore’s even though she had tries to avoid it for fear the owner will recognize her. While there, she indicates that today she “must be very careful, today [she has] left [her] armour at home” (49). Following this self-admonition, Sasha reveals she feels assaulted by the people in the restaurant, that they “fling themselves” at her because they are “uneasy and sad[,] they all fling themselves at [her] larger than life” (50). Sasha’s perception is interesting: while some patrons may have stared at her (such as the French girls), the other diners seem to leave ...

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...ial and to find fulfilment. Self-actualization encompasses the human need for challenge, responsibility, creativity, and variety at work, enabling employees to take pride in their achievements, as well as in their technical or professional expertise. An integral part of the concept is for their worth to be recognized and valued by those with, and for, whom they work” (Oxford Reference). Formerly, I noted Pompey’s satisfaction with the high-quality work she completes for Sir Phoebus. She feels this pleasure partly because of his level of satisfaction with her and partly because of a desire to please him as an employee. She maintains her creativity by writing her story, but she also demonstrates creative thinking when she suggests the need to “[go] a step further on the upward grade and […] invent a code that doesn’t need a code sheet, but you do it in your head…” (19).

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