The 's Effect On The Individual 's Education And Interventional Approaches

The 's Effect On The Individual 's Education And Interventional Approaches

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In modern society, we are faced with an increased demand for college graduates with a variety of skills. In order to meet the demands of an ever changing job market, we must be skilled in subjects such as math, reading and science. One subject that needs to be addressed is math. We use arithmetic to calculate numbers, exchange money and understand math concepts. That is why it is imperative that educators reach out to students with Dyscalculia with strategies, such as explicit instruction to help students overcome their problems in math. I will examine dyscalculia, its effect on the individual’s education and interventional approaches used to mitigate its effects.
Furthermore, research has been done to examine the statistics of students with Dyscalculia. As stated in Dyscalculia: Characteristics, Causes, and Treatments “Studies on representative samples of both school-based and general populations have been carried out in various countries across the world, and the resulting estimates that 3-6% of individuals may suffer with DD” (Price & Ansari, 2013 p.1). This shows that this learning disability has an adverse effect on the community. Due to the widespread presence of Dyscalculia, interventions must be tailored in order to meet student’s needs as early as possible.
Dyscalculia affects individuals in their earliest stages of development, such as first grade. One particular topic most commonly identified is Arithmetic. Development Dyscalculia has an impact on the child’s fact retrieval system. As a typical student reaches third grade, he/she becomes more accustomed to memory based instead of procedural strategies, for instance counting up from the highest integer. Dyscalculia disrupts the process of memory based stra...

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... subtraction are more likely to arrive at the correct answer.
Students with Dyscalculia may have a variety of problems when working with mathematics and it is important to understand the role of cognitive development. Cognitive development is defined as a term which constitutes thought processes, thinking, problem solving and decision making. Many of the problems that these students face is not directly related to arithmetic, but it may have a processing problem. This has an effect on student’s long term, short term memory and their ability to reason. As stated in Learning Disabilities Foundations, Characteristics and Effective Teaching ” Research in cognitive science indicates that students must have an understanding of …(declarative knowledge) rules and procedures (procedural knowledge) and relationships (conceptual knowledge)” ( Hallahan, Lloyd, Kauffman, Weiss &

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