The 's Ecological Footprint Quiz Essay

The 's Ecological Footprint Quiz Essay

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After completing the ecological footprint quiz, I found out that it would take about four Earths in order to sustain the human population if everyone how I do. In addition, I heard others whose results were much worse than mine, but the thought the one world I live in isn’t capable of sustaining my standard of living is intimidating. Through trips, class conversation, and readings, I have been able to identify the different areas of sustainability and which of these I need to improve. This way my standard of living can be moved closer to the one Earth than four.
The visits to the St. Isadore Catholic Worker farm and Convivium have opened up my eyes to a more sustainable way of living and encouraged me take actions in my daily life. My favorite sustainable alternate those living at the St. Isadore Catholic worker farm use is their goat lawn mowers. Although I have only cut the grass at my house back home a few times, it was not a very enjoyable task. Also, I love goats! It’s a perfect time, money, and resource saving solution. Plus, they get to have pet goats. I wonder if my parents would let me purchase some goats for my yard next summer? Also, I agree with the value those at the worker farm place to creating a community with the one’s they live with by setting common times. Growing up my family also sat together to eat dinner and I believe this is a crucial aspect in maintaining a close knit, inclusive family. Although, there were other aspects that were too extreme for me. I would not be able to live in a house with a compost toilet or live strictly by eating the food I could grow. I love ice cream too much, and only being able to eat it when a cow I own has a baby would not be enough. Our visits to the Convivium also instilled...

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...rt for a while now can perfectly fit a new goal to set for myself. I’ve always wanted to do yoga on a daily basis to become more flexible and set aside time for me. Since on campus I have done a completed yoga videos on my phone, but I always skip the five minuets of laying in silence and relaxing at the end. Now, after learning more about mental sustainability, I have realized these few minuets of quiet time do have a purpose. They are essential to decluttering one’s mind and maintaining mental sustainability. Starting tomorrow, I am going to set aside 15-20 minuets every other day, gradually working towards every day, to spend stretching or following along with a yoga video online and now I won’t skip the silence at the end. By the end of this semester, I hope to become physically more flexible and understand the importance of setting time to be silent with myself.

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