The 's Cathedral : The Origins Of The Digital Universe Essay examples

The 's Cathedral : The Origins Of The Digital Universe Essay examples

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Dyson, George. Turing 's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe. New York: Pantheon Books, 2012.

Focused in the development of computing during World War II, Dyson’s book takes a strong approach to the contributions of John von Neumann from early ENIAC to a more advanced version called MANIAC. It also explains von Neumann’s role in the Monte Carlo method. This book was used mainly as a reference, and no particular passage has been mentioned in my work.

Goldstine, Herman H. The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1972.

Very interesting read written by Dr. Goldstine himself, the book covers everything about computer history particularly in the period of World War II. Goldstine lays out a detailed account of the development of the computer from ENIAC’s early concept to von Neumann’s stored program applications. The author tries to be as less technical as possible; however, the book does explain in detail logical concepts of both electromechanical calculators and electronic digital computers, and those sections contain advanced math topics like differential equations needed to program the computation methods of a computer.

Heims, Steve J. John Von Neumann and Norbert Wiener: From Mathematics to the Technologies of Life and Death. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1980.

Both von Neumann and Professor Wiener were geniuses and experts in mathematics and the physical sciences. Heims explores their roles during difficult political times, and states their contributions to technology based on war-related necessities. Although this book did not quite fit with my research topic, it was an interesting read especially the part of von Neumann’s interaction with the army...

... middle of paper ...

..., John.” In Notable Mathematicians. Gale. Retrieved from (accessed November 15, 2016)

This biography was my starting point, it is a summarized version of the life of John von Neumann, but it accurately explains Neumann’s contributions in chronological order, which facilitated my research process.

Von Neumann, John. “On the Principles of Large-Scale Computing Machines.” IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 10, no. 4 (October 1988): 242-256, (accessed November 8, 2016).

The academic journal contains technical descriptions in computer design and logic. It is very technical, and I used it only to describe the many computer copies that followed ENIAC at the end of my research paper.

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