Essay about The 's Balance With Nature

Essay about The 's Balance With Nature

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In Balance with Nature
In the beginning of the earth, nature was in balance, and as man multiplied, farmers’ became efficient with knowledge and new technology to feed the world through increased productivity. As the population grew in the evolution and development of society, farmers have accelerated techniques to meet those needs to feed the world through mechanization and research, allowing others to prosper in other desired fields. Modern biotechnology has made it achievable for manipulation and alteration in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene, to heighten resistance to disease, further allowing advances in medicine, including genetically modifying seed for increased food production engineered with pesticides. Society began to disapprove of these techniques, and the modern advances of farmers’ including genetically modified organisms. Accordingly, legislators’ passed laws ridding these practices, such as medicines, pesticides, fertilizers, and food additives that could be harmful to humans and the environment. Consequently, farmers’ had become so few and insignificant, no one contemplated the scarcity of food for the world; diseases, as well as starvation intensified when sustainable plants died. With the loss of soil degradation, deforesting, and overgrazing goes man 's ability to grow food crops and graze animals, to produce fiber and forests needed to nourish the world. Nevertheless, the population grew, and governments fought wars over land and water to provide for the masses; habitats were lost, the elimination of millions of people in war, disease, hunger and famine took place. Those persons (lawyers, doctors and industrialists….etc.) whom the farmers’ bestowed their positions in society could not provide food...

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...organisms, possibly at the expense of sustaining the world’s food system. Wars in developing countries fight for land and water rights to feed themselves, in today’s world. There are areas in the United States were degradation has occurred, water and resources are running out, perhaps fighting for resources has occurred, and will continue in the future. A growing demand for natural resources is widespread, and necessary for life. To no surprise, there is resource scarcity, environmental degradation, and unsustainable consumption that contribute to conflict and war, predicted for the population explosion and poverty. Most do not know the ravages, and gnawing feeling of hunger, and the developed countries should utilize modern technology to feed those in poverty.
For I was hungry, and you gave me no food: I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink. (KJV, Matt 25:42)

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