The 's Abandonment By Her Mother, And The Dysfunctional Qualities Of Her Grandparents

The 's Abandonment By Her Mother, And The Dysfunctional Qualities Of Her Grandparents

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Wuornos’s abandonment by her mother, and the dysfunctional qualities of her grandparents would have been a contributing factor to the behaviours of her later life. The importance of attachment within the family unit is outlined in Ainsworth’s 1969 study of attachment between primary caregivers and infants (Bretherton, 1992). Ainsworth described three categories of attachment styles for infants (1) secure, a child showing secure attachment to their caregiver (2) ambivalent-insecure, the infant showing a “clingy” attachment to the caregiver, and (3) avoidant-insecure, a child avoids the caregiver. Wuornos’s treatment by her caregivers suggests that she would most likely be classified in the attachment style of avoidant-insecure. Ainsworth, Blehar, Waters and Wall (2014) discuss that at six months of age a child begins to show a preference for a parent or caregiver. As a consequence being abandoned at this age would have disrupted this pattern for Wuornos. Meyers, Bukhanovskiy, Justen (2008) identifies that this would put Wuornos at a higher risk of later delinquency. Being adopted by her grandparents together with Britta’s disdain for everything and Lauri’s violent and emotionally abusive ways would also suggest that Wuornos developed an avoidant attachment style (Arrigo & Griffen, 2004). This attachment style can be the result of neglectful or abusive caregivers that punish for any reliance shown towards them and as a result the child will learn to avoid seeking any help in the future (Simple Psychology, 2010). Subsequently, the loss of her mother, the extreme abuse from her grandfather and indifference from her grandmother are behaviours which can, and in the case of Wuornos most likely did, result in intense anger issue...

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...ct on it later. The emotional upheaval that Wuornos experienced during these violent attacks would be the catalyst to secure this behaviour. Thirdly, Bandura argues that further practice is required to fulfil the learning. This certainly was practiced by Lauri Wuornos through repetitive violent attacks. Motivation was Banduras final requirement of the modelling process. Wuornos’s motivation to kill came to a head later in life when she met Richard Mallory. She claimed that Mallory violently raped her and she had shot him in self-defence (Bartol, 2014). At the hands of further abuse this acted as the trigger in her mind that all men were “going to hurt her” (Ramsay, 2003). Biological dispositions do play an important role in temperament and it is also equally important to consider an individual’s environmental exposure play a role in forming the personality.

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