The 's A Butterfly, By Kendrick Lamar Essay

The 's A Butterfly, By Kendrick Lamar Essay

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Celebrity success is often idolized as a magic solution in which all of an individual’s problems will suddenly be erased and furthermore, the new on-brought attention will bring positive and lifting influence to the individual. Unfortunately, success is often not the solution. In To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar discusses his path to success, as well as the disappointment and turmoil associated with fame to demonstrate that success does not alleviate depression.
Impoverished people have long been exploited, but the ghettos of the United States have been transformed into hot spots in which people are manipulated, used, and treated for less than they are worth. Kendrick Lamar emphasizes this unfortunate truth, as well as the transitioning process for individuals victim to exploitation when he writes, “When four corners of the cocoon collide/ You’ll slip through the cracks hopin’ that you’ll survive/ Gather your wit, take a deep look inside/ Are you really who they idolize?/ To pimp a butterfly” (“Wesley’s Theory” 7-11). The “cocoon” represents the transitional point between a caterpillar and its transformation into a butterfly. Therefore, “cocoon” represents the transitional point between poverty and success, and illustrates a time of reflection and soul-searching before transitioning into success. A “butterfly” is the after-product of a caterpillar that has transitioned into its cocoon. The “butterfly” is the product of a long route of transitioning and growing into success and beauty. To have “wit” is to have intelligence and wisdom. “Wit” is a crucial characteristic for any individual who has reached success, because as success arises, often comes disregard for an individual’s past and therefore, staying true to one’s self, b...

... middle of paper ... for a specific chapter of a person’s life that often comes about after an individual has exhausted all of their talents. In times of depression, an individual goes through serious soul-searching and may struggle with their self-image and their confidence. As a means of combatting depression, it may be necessary for an individual to step away from this career and begin a new chapter in their life.
Celebrity success and the choices an individual makes to reach success are uneasy for any person striving for this goal, but these choices become exponentially more difficult when an individual is struggling with their mental health. Kendrick Lamar exemplifies this truth by discussing his depression and feelings of resentment to demonstrate that success is not a magic fix-it-all solution, but rather something that adds more complexities to an already complex situation.

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