Rwanda: Struggling Fairness in an Unfair World Essay

Rwanda: Struggling Fairness in an Unfair World Essay

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Rwanda: Struggling Fairness in an Unfair World

Imagine an idyllic tropical paradise, where the air is laced with the alluringly sweet smell of peace. The sun shines resplendently, releasing waves of bliss and life. The people live together in harmony, and laugh together happily; life is good. This pure, perfect quality of living was a swatch of life in Rwanda. When Belgian explorers set foot on Rwandan soil, their sociability shrouded their true manipulative intentions. The Belgians had no appreciation for peace, true happiness, or even the lives of the inhabitants. Though, they were among many countries including the United States who manipulated Africa’s innocence and plundered their vast resources unjustly. The Belgians then deemed the minorities, the Tutsis as a superior race simply because of their height. As a result, the minorities were in a better economic condition than the majority, the Tutsis. Additionally, the Hutus were forced to perform manual labour for the Tutsis, and beat them if they did not comply. It was this Belgian adulteration of purity that rooted the future Rwandan conflict. These acts of violence and discrimination against the Hutus are what planted the seed of hatred into the hearts of Hutus, which would later become a large, virulent tree. Thus, before anyone could blame the Hutus for anything, one must look to the source of the hatred: the Belgians.
The documentary, “The Last Just Man”, reminded me how cruel inaction can be. By the end, I found myself in a state of utter numbness, to the point where the soft caresses of the wind on my face were undetectable. Before this documentary, I had complete faith in the government. I always believed that they had the self interest of the world at heart, a...

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...were blaming him for their lives lost (despite their planting of evil’s seed previously). The amount of stretching Roméo Dallaire’s will had to undergo was mind-blowing. I do not think that any other man could have handled himself better than he did: he performed admirably under hellish conditions, in which any other human would self-terminate.
In summary, ”The Last Just Man”, was powerful enough to evoke tears in a college football player. I felt flabbergasted at Belgium’s tenacity to blame, astounded by the United Nation’s incompliance with basic moral codes, and impressed by Roméo Dallaire’s exemplary leadership and willpower. This documentary was truly enlightening for me, as I never realized how much brain damage something like this could cause. I now look forward to studying new global conflicts, bearing these factors in mind when drafting a solution.

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