Essay about Russian Ukraine Crisis is a Violation of International Law

Essay about Russian Ukraine Crisis is a Violation of International Law

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"Russian military action is not a human rights protection mission, It is a violation of international law." said U.S. ambassador Samantha Power(1). The Russian Ukraine crisis is happening now, Russia has invaded Ukraine trying to take back what they gave up years ago. If fighting started in the Ukraine country's like the U.S.A. would have to decide if and who they would side with. If country's decide to fight it could start another world war. Clearly things can take a wrong turn with the Russian Ukraine crisis and could result in the creation of a dystopia. First I will describe what is happening in Ukraine and how WW3 could start, next I will tell how Ukraine armed forces are ready to fight, then what could happen if nukes and EMP's are used.
In Ukraine there are 16,000 Russian troops that are taking key locations in Ukraine while the Ukraine government calls for help from the U.K.(1). Although there are 16,000 Russian troops in Ukraine no one knows if Russia's president Vladimir Putin will deploy more(3). With this crisis going on others country's are getting involved by trying to tell Putin to pull out his troops, but so far Putin has not listened. The U.S.A. has talked to Putin about negotiating with Ukraine but to no success. Putin blames the U.S.A. for an international trade standoff, while Obama accused Putin of breaking international laws(2). These words could start a world war if the U.S.A. gets more hands on with the crisis, USA and its allies would be pulled into this and therefor Russian's allies would be pulled in leading to a possible WW3.
Although Ukraine has not taken any aggressive action against Russia does not mean they will not has the Ukrainian Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev said "So far, Ukrainian armed f...

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...d on a peaceful note a world war might break out, leading to nuclear war or EMP's being used which could plunge the world into chaos. If nukes were used there could be a nuclear winter to follow and if EMP's were there would be no power. Also both side are ready to fight each other which would start the war. If a war does spring from this lets hope our government does not take away our freedoms.


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